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1. Open your membership
You can phone 1-204-571-MAXA (6292) or our toll-free line 1-866-366-MAXA (6292) to receive an introductory package OR you can download the Membership Application Form.

2. Complete these additional forms for your Registered investment accounts.
When you apply for a MAXA membership, you may also wish to establish a RRSP, RRIF or TFSA account. Complete these additional forms for your registered investments. A MAXA RRSP, RRIF or TFSA savings account will be opened to provide you with the convenience of making RRSP or TFSA contributions at any time. Transfers from your MAXA Savings accounts to your MAXA RRSP or TFSA Savings may also be done at any time or on a regular basis.

3. Make your first deposit, selecting the investments of your choice, on one simple form.

4. Mail all of these forms, along with your cheque*, to the following address:
220 10th Street Unit C
Brandon Manitoba, R7A 4E8

*Make your cheque payable to MAXA Financial; please include $5.00 for each new member's share.

5. Watch for a Welcome Kit in the mail
Once we receive your Membership Application, Deposit/Transfer Form(s) and cheque, we'll open your MAXA Financial Account* and send you a Welcome Kit, containing:

  • Your temporary Personal Access Code
  • One Deposit/Transfer form and a return envelope
  • Electronic Funds Deposit Form
  • An application for MAXA MasterCard  

*All your investment choices with MAXA Financial are held under one convenient membership number. Refer to this membership account number when making subsequent deposits.

6. Watch for Your MemberCard and Security Envelope
We'll send your MemberCard and security envelope containing the Personal Identification Number (PIN) for your MAXA Membercard under separate cover.

7. Give Us a Call
To ensure the integrity of your accounts, you must call us when you receive your MAXA Member Card and PIN envelope so we can activate the electronic access to your accounts at ATMS and Point-Of-Sale terminals. We can also assist you in changing your temporary Personal Access Codes.

WARNING: MAXA Financial or its employees will never request debit card numbers or PINs through the mail, email or by telephone.

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