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New Chip MemberCard

Making Safe Payments Safer™


In the coming months MAXA Financial will be converting all existing debit cards to our new MEMBER CARD® with chip technology.


The small microchip on your new MEMBER CARD® has the ability to store and process data more securely.  Virtually impossible to copy or change, the microchip minimizes the risk of debit card fraud.


Your card still requires a personal identification number (PIN) for use.  Retail debit terminals with chip capability will prompt you through your transaction.  Instead of swiping your card, you will insert the card directly in to the terminal, and remove only when instructed.  For retailers without chip capability, your card can still be swiped for payment.


Prior to the arrival of your new card, you will receive a separate envelope containing your new PIN.  Upon receipt of your new card, please sign the back and cut up your current MEMBER CARD® .  You may use your new card immediately, or change the PIN at any credit union ATM.


For more information, please contact a MAXA by Phone representative at 571.6292 or 1.866.366.6292.


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